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Add different advertising modalities

Get access to tracking tools and statistics

Make easy money by generating sales and sign-ups

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What is affiliate marketing?

It is an Online Marketing branch, which allows to generate income from any website. It is made up by the network, the advertizer and the affiliate.

What is an affiliate network?

It is the link between Despegar and the websites who have an interest in advertising our brand.

What is an affiliate?

It is any website, from a small blog to big media, that takes part of our marketing campaign through a network.

What are the advertisers?

They are the main brands, like that put creatives available through the networks to promote their offers. Affiliate Network
Why associate to the Despegar Affiliate Network?

Because is the number 1 travel agency in Latin America. It offers unique content, an incredible range of hotels and flights. It also provides commisions for every effective ad, the best offers, daily availavility, competitive prices and state-of-the-art technology.

What does the Despegar Affiliate Network offers me?

  • Better conversions
  • Great commisions
  • Wide audience
  • A dedicated account executive in any network you associate
  • Simple implementation

Who can be part in Despegars Affiliate Network?

Any physical or legal person that has a website.

How do I become part to the Despegars Affiliate Network?

In order to be part of our affiliate program you must select between the networks we are associated, once the selected network has approbed the request you can start generating income.

Does it have any cost to be part of the program?

To register is free. Despegars program is based on the distribution of income. This means that for every sale made through the website we are going to pay a commission.

Am I forced to belong to only one network?

You can associate to the number of networks you wish within our offer to boost your business. All of our components are available in the networks we offer.

My Formats
What type of components/banners/formats can I choose?

At this moment we have two type of components to add to your site: banners that come in different IAB approved formats in order to achieve the best conversion, and Deeplinks, through which you will be able to generate links within a plain text in your website. "

My Payments
How do I receive my payments?

The commissions are paid by the chosen network according to the payment method established by it. If the sale is for a hotel, the commission will be paid according to the check-out date; and in case of a flight sale it will be paid according to the purchase date.

How often will I receive the payments?

There is not a fixed period of time, it depends on each network in particular.

What is the tracking code (TRK)?

The tracking code (TRK) or tracking link is the special URL made by different parameters that tell us where does each potential client is coming from. If during the browsing the visitor makes a purchase we can identify the origin and calculate your commission. From Despegar we provide you a Tracking Implementation Manual so you can create them manually and personalize the search results or create links to specific products within our product offer.

How do I remove myself from the program?

To remove yourself from the program you should contact with the executive corresponding to each of the networks.